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Linkfloor by L’Antic Colonial of the Porcelanosa Group

03 Mar 2022 | BY Matt Matner

Why choose Linkfloor?

Linkfloor is a luxury vinyl product from L’Antic Colonial of the Porcelanosa Group. It is renowned for it’s high strength and effortless installation.

Easy and simple Installation

The products offer simple and easy methods of installation; either with or without glue through the drop, lock system.

The drop lock system offers a quick and easy way to install your product. Simply install the pieces at a slight angle, drop and tap them in place with a rubber hammer and block. No gluing is necessary. Watch the Installation video to see just how quick and easy this method really is:  This also enables you to dismantle them just as quick and provides you with the option to recreate new designs or even swop them, with an alternative link floor product, from another area.

High Quality and durable

Linkfloor products are characterised by their high resistence and durability. The vinyl material is composed of different layers, including a 5mm wear layer (0.5mm thicker than competitive products) on many of their products. This helps to enhance the performance, particularly on floors with small imperfections, as they are less likely to telegraph what is underneath.

This high durability offers a practical flooring solution for highly transited areas, including commercial settings where there may be increased footfall.   

Variety of colours and designs

Technological advances and high definition printing, creates an embellishment layer that is indistinguishable from the real thing. The characteristics of natural products, including all the knots and grains of real wood, have been cleverly recreated and printed onto the vinyl material to maintain the naturally charming aesthetics. These advances have also been used to showcase exquisite layout designs, such as the stylish herringbone format on to the Linkfloor Realm collection and a multiformat design on the Linkfloor multiformat collection.

There is a range of colours available, from the more traditional colours, as seen on the Linkfloor Feudal Brown and the Linkfloor Branch Clear, to the increasingly popular non-traditional colours, such as the silvers and greys.


Linkfloor products are loaded with versatility and suitable for many indoor settings; their resistance to water and moisture makes them suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and wet rooms.  Their minimal maintenance and charming aesthetics make them an ideal flooring choice for any room of your home or even for an entire floor to create a continuous look throughout.  This luxury vinyl flooring is also suitable to be used with water system underfloor heating, adding actual warmth to their naturally warm appearance.  But why limit this exquisite product just to floors? Linkfloor have designed products that are suitable to be used on walls and look great as eye-catching feature walls! 

In sum, Linkfloor is a fantastic choice for any room of your home or commercial property!



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