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Choosing that perfect tile for your home.

08 Mar 2016 | BY Matt Matner

Wood effect tiles,

Are a very popular choice with homeowners who are looking to create a relaxing Natural look in your home with the natural charm and warmth of wood but without the complexities of installation and maintenance programs of hardwood floors. Wood effect tiles come in a huge variety of sizes and colours making them suitable for any room in your home.

Wood effect Tiles has always been a better value than hardwood. However, until recently, it didn’t come close to delivering the overall warm appearance that is natural to real wood. With advances in technology, it’s now easier than ever to duplicate the aesthetics at significant savings. Take a look at Porcelanosa’s wood effect tile range the qualitly of there tiles is simply outstanding.

There are many advantages of using wood effect tiles over natural hardwood flooring,

In addition to individual certifications, be sure to research your tiles manufacturer. Larger companies often adhere to higher standards as their reputation is on the line.

If you find yourself debating between rectified and non-rectified tiles, select the former. Rectified tiles are checked for warping and unevenness. Additionally, the edges of rectified tiles are mechanically finished to allow for tighter grout lines and a seamless look.

Our last quality indicator is appearance. High-quality tiles are made with high-resolution images to mimic the graining and color variations found in natural wood. Tiles with clear images are a surefire sign of quality.