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With an ever growing collection of Golden Offers, including tiles from Porcelanosa, you are able to update your home for less, without compromising on quality and style.

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  • Porcelanosa Endless 1L Queens Laminate 24.4 x 126cm ON SALE

  • Porcelanosa Forest Acero 14.3 x 90cm ON SALE!!

  • Porcelanosa Japan Marine 31.6 x 59.2cm ON SALE

  • Porcelanosa Malaga Green 20 X 31.6cm ON SALE

  • Porcelanosa Malaga Ocean 25×44.3cm ON SALE

  • Porcelanosa Malaga White 20 X 31.6cm ON SALE

  • Porcelanosa Oxford Acero 19.3x120cm

  • Porcelanosa Oxford Acero 22x90cm

  • Porcelanosa Oxford Antracita 19.3x120cm

  • Porcelanosa Oxford Antracita 22 x 90cm

  • Porcelanosa Oxford Castano 19.3x120cm

  • Porcelanosa Oxford Castano 22x90cm

  • Porcelanosa Park Acero 31.6 x 59.2cm

  • Porcelanosa Park Acero 44.3 x 44.3 cm ON SALE

  • Porcelanosa Rodano Acero 31.6x90cm ON SALE

  • Porcelanosa Rodano Caliza 31.6×59.2cm ON SALE

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