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  • Schluter Ditra Heat Kit
  • Schluter Ditra Heat Kit
  • Schluter Ditra Heat Kit
  • Schluter Ditra Heat Kit

Schluter Ditra Heat Kit



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    Schluter Ditra Heat

    Thinking about underfloor heating for your tiles? Then the Ditra Heat from Schlüter is just what you are looking for. It is a unique electrical underfloor heating within the uncoupling matting system so you don’t have to worry about measuring mistakes or even self levelling and primer layers.

    Be creative with how you place the heating cable and design your room to have heated and no-heated parts due to its uncoupling unique studded design mat. Because its so much easier to install compared to other underfloor heating systems it will dramatically cut installation time by up to 70% also you can start tiling immediately.


    With the Ditra Heat kit it’s easy to install and 70% faster than other underfloor heating systems. Due to its uncoupling mat and heating cable you can create hot spots in your floor and save money on your heating bills.

    In the box you will receive everything you need, so that’s a thermostat, uncoupling mat and heating cable all from one manufacturer offering a complete guarantee. 

    • 1.6m²  kit with 1.1m²   Heating Floor Coverage – 2 Mats
    • 2.4m²  kit with 1.6m²  Heating Floor Coverage – 3 Mats
    • 3.2m²  kit with 2.2m²  Heating Floor Coverage – 4 Mats
    • 4m²      kit with 2.7m²  Heating Floor Coverage – 5 Mats
    • 4.8m²  kit with 3.3m²  Heating Floor Coverage – 6 Mats
    • 5.6m²  kit with 3.8m²  Heating Floor Coverage – 7 Mats
    • 6.4m²  kit with 4.4m²  Heating Floor Coverage – 8 Mats
    • 7.2m²  kit with 5m²      Heating Floor Coverage – 9 Mats
    • 8m²     kit with 5.5m²   Heating Floor Coverage – 10 Mats


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