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08 Mar 2016 | BY Matt Matner

Porcelanosa’s  National House Builders Tile selection new changes for 2020.

Porcelanosa are introducing a new wall tile size of 25×44.3cm in place of the current 20×31.6cm and 20×33.3cm ranges.  In addition to the size change Porcelanosa will be discontinuing a large number of the current 20×31.6cm / 20×33.3cm tiles, but will be introducing a large number of new ranges in the new size of 25×44.3cm.

Porcelanosa factories are planning to start production of the the new sizes shortly ( Porc in October and the Venis range in November) with the new tile sizes and once in production of the new size 25×44.3cm Porcelanosa cannot go back to production of the 20×31.6cm / 20×33.3cm sizes.

There will be some new tiles added to the ranges ( see below)

Fontana 25×44.3cm

Dubai White 25×44.3cm

Cubic Indic 25×44.3 / 33.3×59.2cm

New Parquet Feature Laos 33.3×59.2cm

New parquet Feature Now 33×59.2cm.