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Porcelanosa Tile Your Home for Less…

03 Apr 2019 | BY simon mayeri

New House, New Porcelanosa

It’s not surprising that some of the biggest housebuilders in the country use Porcelanosa tiles in their new homes; with high specification products available in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and colour schemes, they’re stylish and substantial.

But such high quality can often come at an even higher price, particularly as the developers of new build properties add on their own labour costs to install them.

Perhaps you’ve looked around a Taylor Wimpey, Redrow or Barret show home and seen some beautiful Porcelanosa tiles that would look brilliant in the bathroom or brighten up your kitchen but are outside of your budget.

Stoke Tiles can help you decorate your house with these beautiful designer tiles, and ar a much more reasonable price.

No Spec too Small

Here at Stoke Tiles, we supply the very same Porcelanosa tiles that property developing companies offer in their show homes across the UK, so regardless of which or how many different styles you require, we can match the design of your dreams.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re only looking to tile a splashback or to totally adorn the bathroom, our expert installers are happy to carry out even a minimal amount of tiling work within your new build property.


A Wealth of Options

Perhaps when making the aesthetic decisions for your new build you didn’t quite find the exact tiles you had in mind. Besides offering the same ranges that the aforementioned major home builders use, we also have an extensive collection of Porcelanosa products which they likely won’t have and as well as other leading and niche brands Our extensive tile range includes stone effect, wood effect and even mosaics so there is a type of tile for almost every room in the house!

If you are currently in the process of purchasing a new build and want to tile your home for a lower price than your homebuilder can offer, get in touch with us today on 01538 422 404.