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Stoke Tiles – Pallet Deals on Outdoor Tiles

25 Jul 2022 | BY Matt Matner

Are you looking to make the most out of your garden this season? To create a summer sanctuary where you can relax, socialise and enjoy those warm summer nights. If so, then Outdoor Tiles could be for you.

Here at Stoke Tiles, we have specifically selected some amazing pallet deals on Outdoor Tiles. These remarkable offer’s are ideal for tradesmen or anybody else wishing to purchase outdoor tiles by bulk.

So why choose outdoor tiles? There are many benefits to outdoor tiles, let’s take a look at a few.   

Hard wearing and Durable

All the outdoor tiles in our Pallet Deals are manufactured from durable porcelain and have a 20mm thickness, double the thickness of a standard indoor tile, making them capable of withstanding extensive wear and tear.

This strong material also makes them much more resistant to scratches than other materials such as, wood and stone.

The Outdoor Tiles in our Pallet Deals all have a slip resistant surface with a R11 slip rating.

Low Maintenance

Porcelain is an impermeable material, which means the tiles have a low absorption rate. Rainwater will not absorb into the tile and they are 100% frost proof.

These outdoor tiles are resistant to moss, mould and algae growth and will not fade in the sunlight. Thus eliminating the need for continually treating or re-staining them. They can be simply be maintained with a pressure washer or a brush and water; reducing your time and cost!

Rectified Edges

These porcelain patio tiles all have rectified edges, which means the tiles can be laid closer together to achieve a seamless look.

They also help to create a neat, symmetrical finish.


Outdoor Tiles combine style with functionality.

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For further information and advise about our pallet deals and outdoor tiles, please contact our knowledgeable customer services here, they will be happy to help!