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FAQ’s About Porcelanosa

03 Aug 2022 | BY Matt Matner

FAQ’s about Porcelaonsa


When it comes to interior design choosing the right tiles can be somewhat of a difficult task. With so many variations and styles to choose from, it can be hard to know which one will look the best, which one be of the highest quality, which one is actually suitable and which one is the most practical. A popular choice for many, are tiles from Porcelanosa; a leading brand in the production of ceramics.

As a proud supplier of Porcelanosa products, we at Stoke Tiles thought it might be helpful to answer some of our most frequently asked questions about Porcelanosa and their amazing tiles.


Who are Porcelanosa?


Porcelanosa began their journey in 1973, in Castellon, Spain, manufacturing ceramic flooring and wall tiles. Since then, they have become part of an international business group; Porcelanosa Group. This comprises of 8 subsidiary companies; Porcelanosa, Venis, Gamadecor, Krion™, L’Antic Colonial, Buetch, Noken and Urbatek. These offer a selection of high-quality products ranging from kitchen and bathroom furniture to high-tech materials and of course their high-quality tiles.


Are Porcelanosa Tiles Ceramic or Porcelain?


Porcelaonsa manufacture both ceramic and porcelain tiles. The majority of Porcelaonsa wall tiles are a ceramic tile and their floor tiles are mainly porcelain. It is worth noting that porcelain tiles are also suitable for use on walls.


What is the difference between Ceramic and Porcelain?


Both ceramic and porcelain tiles are clay-based and kiln-fired. However, the clays used to make porcelain have a higher density and are fired longer at a higher temperature than ceramic. The result is a more durable, nonporous tile that is impervious to water.


What areas are best suited for ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles?


Porcelain tiles are considered the superior choice for flooring. This is thanks to their durability, low porosity, water absorption and overall strength. They are an excellent choice for high traffic areas, kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor spaces. For wet areas and outdoors, ensure they have a high slip resistance.

In terms of wall coverings, neither ceramic or porcelain can be said to be superior.


Can Porcelanosa tiles be used outdoors?


As previously discussed porcelain tiles are a lot stronger and durable than ceramic tiles. However, when it comes to outdoor tiles you want to ensure you choose a tile that has a high slip resistance and frost protection to make them safe in all weather conditions.

Porcelanosa’s 20mm outdoor tile collection offer’s increased depth and durability as well as an anti-slip finish. They can be used for a wide variety of applications including raised access flooring and high traffic areas. The West, Riven and Rox collections from Butech are ideal choices for all external areas.


Pictured: Butech Riven


What defines Porcelanosa products?


Quality! Porcelanosa pride themselves on innovation and high quality products. They manufacture and distribute a huge range of products. Stoke tiles specifically supplies Porcelanosa Wall Tiles, Porcelanosa Floor Tiles, Porcelanosa Outdoor Tiles, Linkfloor – the luxury vinyl flooring by L’Antic Colonial of the Porcelanosa Group, Porcelanosa Hardwood and laminate Flooring and the sophisticated SKINS wallpaper.


skins clarence coal
Pictured: Skins Clarence


How do you clean Porcelanosa Tiles?


Thanks to their low porosity, hardness and resistance they are very easy to maintain. Simply wipe them down with regular cleaning detergent and water.


Where are Porcelanosa showrooms?


Porcelaonsa have showrooms across the UK. Located in; Warrington, Sheffield, Cannock, NewcastleUpon Tyne, Leeds, Solihull, Manchester, Nottingham, Watford, Cambridge, London Hanover, London Fulham, Croydon, Bristol, Cardiff, Reading, Southampton, Doncaster and Norwich.

Stoke Tiles supply Porcelanosa Tiles online.


Do you have discounts on Porcelaonsa tiles?


We offer competitive prices on our Porcelanosa products, contact us here for a full quotation.

We even have a collection of outstanding Porcelanosa Starbuys, view them here.


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